There, her unique background, relentless cheer and wide-eyed inquisitiveness prompt strange looks, as she sets off metal detectors with the heavy-duty. A cruel nickname emerges among the kids:.

BAYONNE, N.J. (WPIX) – Bayonne schools are putting metal detectors at every entrance. On Wednesday, they trained teachers and staff on how to use them. "The board decided it would be in the best.

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says "we are actually going to be able to give our fans the most up-to-date it relates to safety as it relates to things that.

A last-minute decision to delay metal detectors at Marjory stoneman douglas high caused. take a pause and do more evaluation to make sure you’re doing what’s best for kids,” she said. “It’s unfair.

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The random searches using wand-type metal detectors were launched in the district’s middle. But the searches don’t really make her feel any safer. “I know kids are going to find a way no matter.

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Authorities have yet to determine an official cause of the fire but said the row house’s narrow halls, broken smoke detectors.

"(Metal detectors) are not the easy quick fix that people think," Trump said. He said the best way he’s seen to reduce weapons in schools is to have kids who have an adult. ALSO: JCPS teacher fired.

My kids. the metal detector worked fine but the boys got bored playing with it after 15 minutes. The beach was large and they just wasn’t finding the treasure they were hoping to find. Bottom line.

As matthew haag noted yesterday over at the Morning News’ education blog, DISD’s Citizen Budget Review Commission made. were more likely to require metal detectors. "At the high school level, we.