They say at this time sea levels rose as a result of the melting of the huge ice caps that covered much of the northern hemisphere around 10,500 years ago. He said recent DNA evidence has shown that.

Scroll down for video Wildlife experts often use images of emaciated polar bears to show how habitats are coming under threat due to ice shrinking and sea levels rising. For example just a few months.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Review. Jul 17, 2011. 0 5592. As metal detector enthusiasts know, searching for hidden valuables is not just limited to walking the beaches or other areas on land. One. Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector Review. Oct 10, 2010. 0 5617.

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Best Metal Detectors World offers you the venerable Garrett Metal Detector line of detection equipment.Mr. Charles Garrett started out his great company in 1964 after using military detecting equipment for his new found hobby of treasure hunting. He found them to be a bit lacking in power and functionallity. So he and his wife built their own detectors and the rest is history.

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Dredge up your own piece of history and take up a hobby that could very well pay for itself with a few good finds: metal detecting. The Garrett Sea Hunter II metal detector is submergible, allowing the user to take the search for treasure into the briny deep, where shipwrecks and sunken treasures await discovery.

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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Overview. The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector is the best detector for divers the world over. The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector is in a league of its own. Ignoring Salt water as it goes treasure hunting on the ocean floor is no problem for the SeaGarrett Sea Hunter Mark II Hunter Metal Detector.

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