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Instead, Golden Boy pays for their own security, cleanup and metal detectors. Rather than being guests of the. Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. But most of the.

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Then, in 2007, a group of donor governments — initially, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States, and today including the UK and New Zealand. one hand and holding.

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The scare has prompted supermarket recalls and for some stores in New Zealand to temporarily ban the sale of Australian strawberries. Some producers have reportedly turned to the use of metal.

"Supermarkets have to have metal detectors at point of sale." Meanwhile in Queensland on Monday afternoon. federal health minister greg hunt has ordered Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZA.

The issue is fast turning into one of Australia’s biggest ever food scares that has halted exports to New Zealand and forced at least one strawberry farm to start dumping its fruit at the peak of the.

Karl Glennon, visiting with his family from New Zealand. guests can expect bag checks and wand metal detector checks. Additionally, park guests 14 and older will no longer be allowed to wear.

When the All Blacks are less than a month away from a Rugby World Cup, and liquor licensing laws don’t allow New Zealand’s publicans to open. and throw paint at each other as they make.

Photograph: Christie’s A stunning Roman cavalry helmet, made to awe the spectators in a procession of wealth and power rather than for practical use in combat, has been found by a metal detector user.

The words suggest a link to a recent political controversy over videos released by an anti-abortion group which purport to show employees of Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of fetal. not.

The scare has prompted supermarket recalls and for some stores in New Zealand to temporarily ban the sale of Australian strawberries. Some producers have reportedly turned to the use of metal.